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The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce has been in existence for over 50 years and is incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act of NSW.

The organisation exists to support and represent local businesses with the Chamber offering a range of services to local business owners and residents in the Lindfield area.

Bi-monthly meetings afford an opportunity to address local issues and co-ordinate community events hosted by the Chamber.

Meetings are open to all members and anyone interested in promoting their local business and the Lindfield area.

The Chamber produces a newsletter which is distributed to all businesses and landlords in the business centre, Councillors, local MP’s and the press.

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The Cloud landscape has become an extremely complex environment over the last 8 years and one which many small businesses do not have the time to comprehend. There are considerable benefits in productivity and efficiency for businesses who adopt Cloud services - services which can't be ignored if you wish to remain competitive in today's environment where the mobile workforce is the norm and the risks of cyber security prevalent.

Speaker: Gavin Vermaas, Owner, Rightserv Pty Ltd
Attend this seminar to understand how to get the best of both worlds by using a combination of your existing IT combined with functions in the cloud.

Wednesday 29th June at 12.30-2.00pm
Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield
RSVP to Jacqui at jacqueline@lindfieldbiz.com.au or call 9496 2300

Parking: Coles Car Park opposite or in Wolsely Road

We look forward to meeting you!

Remember that you are able to attend the seminar free of charge if you are a member of The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce, or $50 booking fee applies.