Welcome to the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce

50 years of Business Excellence

The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce has been in existence for over 50 years and is incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act of NSW.

The organisation exists to support and represent local businesses with the Chamber offering a range of services to local business owners and residents in the Lindfield area.

Bi-monthly meetings afford an opportunity to address local issues and co-ordinate community events hosted by the Chamber.

Meetings are open to all members and anyone interested in promoting their local business and the Lindfield area.

The Chamber produces a newsletter which is distributed to all businesses and landlords in the business centre, Councillors, local MP’s and the press.

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Annual General Meeting

Join us at our AGM and Bi Monthly meeting to be held on 23rd July 2015 at 6pm.

Venue: Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield.

The Collaborative Economy:
Connecting with others to use your collaborative strength to get a better deal.

The market place for goods and services is complex but with the right insights you can work out how to save money. Businesses, by joining together, become part of a much larger negotiation when arranging the supply of goods and services.

Mike Wilson, Joint CEO, Supply Clusters and colleagues, will review the system which increases the bargaining power of businesses enabling you to “buy wholesale rather than retail”.

At Peter Vickers Business Group, “Helping our clients to increase their wealth” is part of our mission statement which we do using a range of financial services. We advise companies how to make their business more profitable; Supply Clusters provides an opportunity to reduce your costs and increase your wealth.

Join us for this seminar to learn more about how Supply Clusters can help your business to get the best possible rates and services for:
• Office Supplies, Stationery, Kitchen Supplies & Cleaning Products
• Foreign Exchange payments & services, managing risks
• Document Management Services, Secure Destruction and Digital Data Protection Services
• Telecommunication Strategies, Business Connectivity Equipment & Services
• IT Products & Services, specifically cloud technologies
• Freight Services & freight aggregation
• Fuel & fleet management
• Vehicle Leasing, novated leases, non-managed leases
• Travel: Flights + Vehicle Hire + Accommodation

Date: Wednesday 5th August
Time: 12.30pm light lunch- Seminar 1-2pm
Venue: Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield

To reserve a place email : Jacqueline@lindfieldbiz.com.au
or tel Kylie on 02 9496 2300

Parking: Coles Car Park opposite or in Wolsely Road

We look forward to meeting you!

Remember that you are able to attend the seminar free of charge if you are a member of The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce, or $50 booking fee applies.